SAT Writing
With just a bit of practice, one can gain many points in the SAT multiple-choice writing section. The test makers are known to assess the same skills in this portion, giving a prepared test-taker the ultimate advantage. Preparation will decrease the likelihood of being blindsided by a question, meaning that the more one practices, the quicker and more accurate that person will become at answering the questions in this section of the exam. 
Knowing what to expect in the writing multiple-choice section means a faster pace, which leads to more questions answered and a higher overall score. This section of the test can be compared to mathematics – some questions may be baffling, but knowing the pattern of things that will be asked helps demystify this portion of the exam. A confident, self-assured spirit will undoubtedly help to propel

SAT Writing Section Facts
  • The multiple-choice segment contains 49 questions which determine about 70% of your score.
  • Three types of questions will be posed: improving sentence errors, identifying sentence errors, and improving paragraph structure.
  • Two sections will be present – one long and one short.
  • In the first portion, there will be 11 improving sentence error questions, 18 identifying sentence error questions and 6 improving paragraph structure questions. This portion must be completed in 25 minutes.
  • In the next portion, there will be 14 improving sentence error questions. These must be completed in 20 minutes.
  • The most commonly asked question that one can expect to receive next is an improving sentence question.
  • Remember: omission of a question does not hurt or help your score.
  • Incorrect answers carry a penalty of .25 points; preventing guessing.
  • Spending about 42.8 seconds on each question will get you through this section, according to the College Board.

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